Alldaychemist Legit: Your Top Online Pharmacy that Delivers Generic Medicines

All Day Chemist is a generic drug distributor online. Their offers are focused on generic medicines produced by known pharmaceutical companies that produce generic medicines. Among the top suppliers of All Day Chemist are Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Sun Pharma, Intas Pharma, Pfizer, GSK, and Torrent Pharma. Most of these pharmaceutical companies are from India and are among the largest pharmaceutical company in the said country.

For prescription medicines, All Day Chemist requires a prescription from a doctor. They have in-house doctors and pharmacists that can answer all of your questions as well. When ordering prescription medicines, you can send them your prescription via email, or fax. Send it thru fax at 760-284 5903.

A business that started operating in 2002, this internet drugstore protects customer privacy and information like it is their own hence they employed MacAfee Secure and GoDaddy for their web security.

ADC ships anywhere in the world. They have limitations when it comes to the number of medicines you can order. As for international drug law, you can only purchase 3-month worth of medicines or up to 270 pills if it is a medicine that needs to be taken 3x a day. In the event that your order cannot be shipped in a single package, the store has the right to charge for additional shipping fee. ADC offers 100% customers satisfaction guarantee and in any case that you are not happy with your order, you can contact them and have your order returned and your money refunded. All orders can be paid via credit cards such as AmEx, Visa, and MasterCard.

All Day Chemist Reviews

Since 2002, ADC has been operating with glee and high success rate. We assume that this internet drugstore has a strong customer base because if they don’t, then it is impossible for them to stay this long in the business. To gratify our curiosity, we searched for customer reviews and here are what we found.

Alldaychemist Reviews

Alldaychemist Reviews

A simple search for ADC customer reviews gave a long list of results. This is not surprising given the fact that All Day Chemist has been operating for more than a decade now. The first review we found was shared by Borsick of USA and he gave this internet drugstore a rating of five. According to him, he made a mistake and ordered the wrong medicine. He talked to them thru chat and has his order corrected.

We also found a review shared by June, another American customer of ADC. According to June, he has been ordering his Estradiol medicine from ADC for the last 8 years and never had an issue. R.A Torres, another ADC customer shared how he appreciates the fast and excellent customer service he is receiving from this online pharmacy.

The last customer review we found was written by A.S Chapman. He is also from the US. According to A.S, he became a regular customer of ADC because he never had any issues when ordering his medication. Even a slight problem with his bank was fixed without much hassle making him depending for more on this internet drugstore.

For the last 16 years, it looks like ADC was able to establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy. Most of the customer reviews we found were positive, making us believe that ADC deserves to be part of our recommended online pharmacy list as well.

Alldaychemist Coupon and Offers

Aside from offering quality and affordable medicines, Alldaychemist also has promotions and coupons that customers can take advantage.

Alldaychemist Offers

Alldaychemist Offers

Every day, they offer specific products with up to 60% of on its regular price. As of this writing, their promotion is for 5mg and 10 mg of Rosuvastatin, a generic of Crestor and for Atorvastatin, a generic for Lipitor. These medicines are offered at 40%, 50% and 60% off respectively.

In addition to these special coupons, ADC also offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as a way of enticing their customers to stay and continue ordering from them. Such promotion is also a way for ADC to win new customers.

Alldaychemist Phone Number

All Day Chemist is a good option when it comes to an online pharmacy to use because it comes with legit numbers that you can use to contact their support team. It would be shameful to be scammed online but is more shameful to be scammed and yet you cannot do anything about it because there is no way to contact them.

For US customers, they can reach ADC by dialing 855 840 0584. Customers in the UK can dial 44 2075 721 246 while customers from around the world can dial 213 291 2588. If you have queries, you can also reach them via fax at 760 284 5903. The operating hours of ADC customer support team are Monday to Saturday from 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening (Pacific Standard Time).

If you don’t have the means to call them, you can send them your query thru their ‘contact us’ page.


All Day Chemist is an online pharmacy that offers generic medicines mainly from India and some from international companies. Their main suppliers include giant pharmaceutical companies from India such as Sun Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, and Cipla. The most popular medicines offered by this e-store are eye care medicines and men’s health products. In addition, they also offer drugs such as alpha-blockers, anticonvulsants, anti-migraine, pain relief medications, antibiotics, antifungal, anti-constipation, and bone health medicines.

Based on the information we gathered about All Day Chemist, we can say that this is a legit online pharmacy that deserves our respect. It deserves to be included in our list of recommended online pharmacies and if you are planning to order your prescription medicine in the future, you can try ADC. Just make sure to have your prescription ready because ADC will ask for it.