Allergies and Types of Allergies

An extreme exaggerated response by the immune system is all that allergies are concerned with. It is usually the result of the fact that your body has been in contact to some foreign and unknown objects. The exaggeration process is mainly due to the fact that these foreign objects are considered very harmful to the body. At the same stage there is no response found in those people who are irresponsive in nature to these allergies. But for the allergic people the foreign objects are usually recognized and turn one or other immune system factors on. The substances producing the allergies are called the allergens.

Foods, dander, molds, dust mite and pollens are the major allergens affecting the human body. In order to understand the various forms of allergies it is necessary to understand the fact that the allergens are the substances which are foreign to the body of the person and hence can cause harmful chain reactions as well. When any of these foreign substances enters into the body then they causes to activate some chain reactions in the immune system. The word allergy is derived from Greek word allos which later become ergos. The meaning of this word is simple. It is action. It is same as it done to the body of the affected person.

Skin allergies and types

The skin allergies are the result of the exposure to the foreign objects of the allergic people. The allergies to your skin are the type of chain reactions which is not perfectly curable. Still the doctors can give the drugs to manage it. Considering the types it can be said that many types of rashes and allergies are found in the skin and related area. Below are given the most common types of skin allergies found in the humans.

Common types are

Atopic dermatitis

Urticaria or hives

The Angioedema

Contact dermatitis and

Itching without rash

Atopic dermatitis is the skin allergy condition usually found in children. Sometime this type of allergy starts in the young age and continues till the adult age also. The Urticaria or hives is another type of skin allergy. This can occur to almost any of the age group person. The red rash of many size and shape lasts within hours. The Urticaria swelling sometime continues to feet’s, hands, eyes and lips also which is called the Angioedema.

The contact dermatitis is another form of skin allergy caused if you go in contact to some of the allergens. Dental materials, topical medications, metals, hair dye and the cosmetics are the factors that can cause this type of allergy.