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With the rising costs of medicines, people are constantly looking for pharmacies who supply cheaper alternatives to the costly prescription meds which are sold by the local drugstores. There’s nothing wrong with this and in fact, it is a wise decision on the customer’s part because there are indeed stores that provide equally effective yet cheaper medicines for the people who need them. These stores are known as online pharmacies; pharmacy websites whose aim is to aid the people with the rising costs of prescription drugs by selling equally effective generic counterparts which are way less than the drug’s original cost.

Among these online pharmacies is a Canada-based pharmacy site named Canada Drug Pharmacy. is more than an online pharmacy but it is an international pharmacy referral service. Its database is made up of various Canadian online pharmacies and what it does is it looks up the medicines that are being searched for by the customers and displays the results coming from different online drugstores with all the prices. Canada Drugs Pharmacy looks for the cheapest options possible for the customers for them to save money while giving them the best quality meds to select from. What’s good about Canada Drug Pharmacy is that all of its partner pharmacies are verified safe, all members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), licensed, and are confirmed legit by Pharmacy Checker. Buyers will not only be assured that their medicines are of good quality but it will also be a guarantee to them that their medicines will be coming from trusted and reliable online pharmacies in the business. has been around since 2003 which means that it has already been in the industry for a while. It only dispenses FDA-approved products which is one of the reasons why many customers trust it. The pharmaceutical products that its partner online drugstores sell are sourced from countries where drug manufacturing costs are not high and are abundant in good raw materials. These countries include India, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, and many others. With low production costs, these manufacturers are able to provide their products cheaply to online pharmacies which in turn, enables them to sell to customers at bargain prices.

When it comes to security, Canada Drug Pharmacy is a very secure site to visit and all the information that is sent by the customers to its site are encrypted. The medical information that the customers give to them are also confidential to protect the customer’s privacy. Prescriptions are mandatory for customers who will be buying prescription medicines from them, unlike other online pharmacies where it is not required.

To order medicines from, customers can do it through its website where it is quickest. The prescriptions are sent by the customers to its fax numbers where once they are received, only then will the customers be able to proceed with ordering their prescription drugs. For customers who want to order by using their emails, it’s also possible since this is one of the ordering methods that Canada Drug Pharmacy offers. It is a must for the customers to first set up an account with before they are able to order their medicines. Guest or anonymous purchases are not offered on its site and only members are permitted to purchase medicines. MasterCard and VISA credit/debit cards are accepted for payments and customers can also enjoy the discounts and free shipping of orders offered on its site.

Canada Drug Pharmacy: Drugs by Medical Condition

Aside from the search box which can be found on the top part of Canada Drug Pharmacy’s front page, customers also have the option to browse their medicines by the medical condition that it is used for.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Search Box

Canada Drug Pharmacy Search Box

Looking for medicines this way is much easier as the customers only need to select the specific category and all the medicines of the similar kinds will be appearing under them. If a buyer is looking for meds for treating pain, all they need to do is to select the Pain Medication category and all the pain medications will be showing in one place, giving the customer various other options to choose from.

Aside from this method of looking for their meds, customers can also search for them by using the alphabetical arrangement of medicines that they have prepared. But the quickest means to search for medicines is through the search box as long as the customers know the proper spelling of their drugs.

Canada Drug Pharmacy: Prescription Medications

Even though Canada Drug Pharmacy requires their customers to provide prescriptions when they order prescription drugs, it would be just as nothing because the price of the prescription medicines that they’ll be purchasing will be 90% cheaper than what the local pharmacies provide. It is a reliable guarantee made by Canada Drug Pharmacy and this is what makes it better than local pharmacies. Its prices are affordable which helps customers save money and purchase more of the drugs that they need. Reviews

Canada Drug Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Drug Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Drug Pharmacy Reviews

A customer named JD612 gave Canada Drug Pharmacy a 5-star rating for its reliability in providing him an effective generic medication of Cialis (Tadalafil) which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). He and his wife have been pleased with its effects and they get no ill effects from the use of the drug. He’s been ordering from ever since and he’s been a loyal customer for years now.

The next one is from a customer who goes by the online name of DrLove and he also gave five stars. He was doubtful at first but his expectations were exceeded in the areas of customer service, shipping, and product handling. Comparing it with other online pharmacies, he simply thinks it is the best.

Summary is a pharmacy referral service website that helps the customers excellently by meeting their needs for affordable and effective meds. Its partner pharmacies are all licensed and verified safe for the confidence of the buyers. Canada Drugs Pharmacy itself is also a secure website which encrypts all information that the customers send for their security. There are also various convenient ways to order from and its payment methods are also easy. For other reliable online pharmacy sites to visit, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.