Canadian Meds USA: Does it Offer Access to Cheap Drugs?

Canadian Meds USA is an online store that was established in 2001. This means that they have been in operation for more than a decade and a half. Within this period of time, they claim that they have already served more than 27,500 customers. They say that they have been operating under the same management for all the 17 years that they have been in business. They claim that their mission is to provide outstanding online pharmacy customer service. They also say that they are the preferred connection to the best-licensed pharmacies.

They claim that the affiliation that they have with TCDS gives them access to both generic and brand name drugs from regulated and licensed sources. Their drugs originate from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and other selected first world countries. They claim that they offer the chance to save 60% to 30% on the prescription drugs. They say that they will mail the drugs that you order from them directly to your home.  For all the orders that are from the United States, they will offer free shipping. If you use a personal check to pay for your meds, they claim that they will offer you a 4% discount.

Canadian Meds USA Reviews

When we searched online in order to try and find evidence that Canadian Meds USA functions as they propose on their website, we could not find any customer feedback. Any reputable online store that has been selling their medications for as long as Canadian Meds USA has should have feedback. We decided to use other programs that could help us determine how trustworthy this internet pharmacy is. We used and The following are the results that we got:

Canadian Meds USA LegitScript Report

Canadian Meds USA LegitScript Report

When we checked Canadian Meds USA on, the program was able to detect it as an online pharmacy. However, the pharmacy did not meet the internet pharmacy verification standards. For these reasons, it was listed as one of the unapproved pharmacies.

Although we could not find any reviews, the above program helped us determine whether you should go ahead and trust this internet pharmacy. This means that you have to be very cautious if you are planning on dealing with them. However, we would not encourage you to deal with them. Instead, we would direct you to our catalog which has the best online stores which will save you money and deliver real drugs. Don’t risk getting fake drugs and getting your cash stolen.

Canadian Meds USA Coupon Codes

When we tried to find Canadian Meds USA coupon codes, we could not find any. However, this store claimed that they offer the lowest prices on both prescription and over the counter medications. They also claimed to offer a variety of other discounts.

Canadian Meds USA Discounts

Canadian Meds USA Discounts

The store claimed that they offered their customers a chance to save 30% to 60% on their prescription meds. They also claimed to offer free shipping to all the people who ordered their meds and resided in the United States. A 4% discount was given to the buyers who paid for their medications using a personal check.

Although the above promises might seem real and enticing, it is important to note that rogue stores always these kinds of promises in order to try and attract more buyers so that they can steal from them. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you don’t trust everything on the internet. The best pharmacies that offer better discounts and even coupons can be found on the list that contains top-rated online pharmacies. We offer you access to this list for free.

Canadian Meds USA Cialis

Worldwide, it is estimated that more than half of all the men who have active sex lives don’t enjoy their sex sessions. This is because they are dealing with impotence or what many people know as erectile dysfunction. In order to eliminate this condition and restore their sex lives back to normal, males need to use drugs. One of the best drugs that solve this issue is Cialis. Cialis is a pill that contains tadalafil. Tadalafil will restore the ability to gain a strong and solid erection in males by increasing the amount of blood that flows to the male sex organ. Locally, the pill costs 70 dollars a pill. The prices available at Canadian Meds USA were cheaper for both the brand and generic version.

Canadian Meds USA Cialis Price

Canadian Meds USA Cialis Price

The brand drug will cost you $15.50 for a 20 mg pill. The 5 mg brand pill will cost you $6.50. The price for the 2.5 mg, 20 mg, and 5 mg of the generic Cialis will cost you $1.40, $3.50, and $1.30 respectively. This price may be low and enticing. But, based on the fact that there is no evidence in the form of customer feedback to prove whether Canadian Meds USA delivers, we advise against using the store to buy your drugs. The stores that we suggest to you are better, have a great reputation, have served millions of customers, and they have thousands of positive users’ feedback.


Canadian Meds USA is an unapproved internet pharmacy. Since they opened their store in the year 2001, they have only managed to serve 27500 customers. They don’t have any customer feedback. The programs that we have used to check for this pharmacy have labeled the pharmacy as unapproved which means that it is essential to be cautious about them. We have better online stores in our catalog. These stores have been approved by programs that regulate internet pharmacies. They offer genuine brand and generic drugs. They are much cheaper than all other online stores.