Canadian Pharmacies Ratings: Know Your Canadian Pharmacy

Canada is home to many online pharmacies that have been relied upon by people from all over the world for the supply of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. These drugs could either be brand medications of generic drugs and will be dispensed in respect of what your doctor prescribed.

Canadian pharmacies are controlled by CIPA, a body that certifies the pharmacies that have fulfilled the entire requirements that have been set. This body ensures that Canadian pharmacies meet international standards so that they will be able to sell to overseas customers. If you get to a pharmacy’s website and realize that the pharmacy is not verified either by CIPA or other regulatory bodies, you should not buy from them.

The prices of medications at Canadian pharmacies are quite low as a result of the regulations set by the federal government to ensure that drug sellers do not exploit its citizens. With such measures in place, the pharmacies will sell the drugs either at the set price or lower than the price recommended by the government. In other states like the US, the government has no control over the prices of drugs in local pharmacies. This makes the pharmaceutical companies and local drug pharmacies to sell the drugs at very high prices to make maximum profits from the sales. Those who cannot afford to pay insurance premiums to help them in paying for the drugs are left with no other option than to seek an alternative source of drugs from Canadian Pharmacies.

Canadian Pharmacies Not Requiring Prescription

Some of the Canadian Pharmacies will not require a prescription when dispensing prescription drugs. All you will have to do is to get to the pharmacy’s website, search if the drug is in stock, and if it is, you will go ahead with the purchasing process.

You should be very cautious when buying drugs from such pharmacies as you cannot be sure that the drugs you are buying are legitimate. The drugs could contain an active ingredient that is less than what the health regulatory bodies allow or even more which may lead to the drug either not working or causing severe side effects due to overdose.

Every legitimate Canadian pharmacy should ask for a prescription from a licensed doctor before dispensing prescription drugs. If you do not have it, you can ask your provide your doctor’s contact who will be contacted and asked to confirm if he indeed prescribed the drugs. He will be requested to fax the prescription to the pharmacy after which the order will be processed.

A legitimate Canadian pharmacy will seek to follow the set rules when dispensing drugs especially controlled substances. You should be careful with every online pharmacy that calls itself a Canadian pharmacy as some of them do not actually come from Canada. They are using the name Canada as a marketing strategy in an effort to attract more customers.

Canadian Pharmacies Mail Order

To order prescription drugs from a Canadian online pharmacy, you will need to verify the authenticity of the online pharmacy to avoid being scammed. Check for a verification seal on the website and if it is intact, you will proceed with the order.

You will then enter the name of the medication you wish to buy in the search box and if it is there, you will click on it. You will be able to see the description of the medication in details and the cost of the medication.

From the different available doses, you will select the one you wish to buy and add it to cart, then click the checkout icon. In the billing section, you will fill in the details of the payment method you wish to use in paying for the drugs.

Some Canadian pharmacies will require their customers to download an order form if they are placing orders for prescription medications. They will fill up the different fields in the order form and one they have provided every required detail, the form will be mailed together with the prescription from a licensed doctor.

Photo of a mail order form

Photo of a mail order form

The drugs will be sent either through the mail order or the express mail; for the standard mail, the cost will be lower but the drugs will take longer to arrive, at times the delivery taking three weeks. You will be updated on the shipping progress until you receive the drugs. For the express mail, the drugs will take a shorter time to get to you though you will have to pay more. You can choose to place orders before you finish up on the drugs from your previous order so that you will pay less for the shipping. Alternatively, you can buy from Canadian pharmacies that offer free shipping for drugs bought from them to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary expenditure when buying the drugs.

Are Canadian Pharmacies Online Legit?

Not every Canadian pharmacy is legitimate; some will entice you into buying from them and you will end up getting fake drugs.

Always ensure that you conduct a background search before you buy from a Canadian pharmacy as this is the only way you can be assured of getting the right drugs. A legit Canadian pharmacy should be licensed by the Canadian government to offer pharmaceutical services. It should also be certified by the bodies that control the operations of online pharmacies.

You can also check out the reviews from customers who have been purchasing drugs from the pharmacy in the past. If there is proof that that particular Canadian pharmacy delivers original medication, you can go ahead and buy from them. If the reviews prove otherwise, avoid buying from such a pharmacy.

Seal of approval from CIPA regulatory body

Seal of approval from CIPA regulatory body


Canadian pharmacies will ensure that every person is able to afford her medication even without the help of an insurance cover as the prices are quite low, at times getting as low as 90% less the cost of similar drugs in local pharmacies. It will also be convenient to buy from them as you will conduct all the transactions in the comfort of your home or office. The drugs will then be delivered in a discreet pack at your chosen destination. You need to be cautious when buying from Canadian pharmacies as not all of them are legitimate. If you need directions in choosing a credible Canadian pharmacy to buy drugs from, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.