Canada Drug Stop – Good Source of Affordable Medication with Gaps in Customer Service

Canada Drug Stop is a verified online pharmacy located in Canada that has been entrusted by many to supply them with a wide selection of prescription and over-the-counter medication. The drugs are sold at a cheap price which every person can afford to pay which is a great relief for those who cannot afford to pay for insurance premiums. has fulfilled all the requirements by the relevant bodies that regulate online pharmacies and you, therefore, do not have to be afraid of being defrauded when you buy at this pharmacy.

Canada Drug Stop - Good Source of Affordable Medication with Gaps in Customer Service Home

The customer service team at the pharmacy are always ready to attend to customer’s orders, queries, complains, or any other issue that may arise out of their interactions with the pharmacy. All transactions with the pharmacy are done in total discretion and cannot be shared with third parties. This will ensure that the details cannot be used by cybercriminals who take advantage of such details will not be able to do so.

When a doctor prescribes a brand medication, it will be important to ask if the generic version of the brand drug can be used. If yes, you will be saving up to 90% of the price the drugs would have cost and this will ensure that it is possible to afford the drugs for a long time especially if the illness you are suffering from requires medication for a very long time.

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Canada Drug Stop Reviews

Customers who have bought from the pharmacy have reported mixed reviews (2.6* out of 5) with some saying that they are quite happy with the drugs as well as other services received from the pharmacy while others express total displeasure with the services offered at Canada Drug Stop pharmacy.

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A client by the name Vera says that the customer service at the pharmacy is quite poor and that the shipping of drugs is slow too. In addition, she says that even when drugs are delivered in a single package, charges are done on each drug and not as a package as it is usually done in other pharmacies. She also noted that the prices changes often and you cannot make your budget on the price you previously bought the drugs.

Another client by the name Bill has a totally different view and says that the staffs are quite polite and delivery is made on time. He says that he always receives what he orders and he will definitely continue shopping at Canada Drug Stop pharmacy. Butchwhite who has also been a customer and had previously written a positive review of the pharmacy now comes back to say that the services are no longer as they were before.

From the above reviews, it is evident that the services at the pharmacy are good but there are a few characters among the customer service staff who are failing on the job. The management should definitely look into the complaints and rectify to avoid losing some of the customers who have been loyal since the establishment of the pharmacy in 2003.

Below are reviews from customers who have bought from the pharmacy:

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Canada Drug Stop Promo Code

Any customer who buys from Canada Drug Stop Pharmacy for the first time will earn himself a 10% discount on the refill order. This discount will be automatically applied and will not require a code to activate it.

Though there are no much discount coupons or coupon codes for those buying from this pharmacy, it is evident that the prices are very low and you will be able to save up to 90% compared to the prices of similar drugs in different pharmacies.

If you wish to always be the first to know when Canada Drug Stop introduces new coupon codes for their customers, you can subscribe to their emails. This will enable them to send you the most recent offers as soon as they appear. If you do not wish to keep receiving emails from the pharmacy, you can keep checking their website as the new offers will always be posted there.

Taking advantage of the offers will enable you to buy your drugs at a lower price and in doing this; you can buy more out of the savings from the discount. Discounts can also be enjoyed if you buy more drugs; a person who buys just a small number of drugs and another who buys more will pay a different price, with the one that is buying more paying less for the same drugs.

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Is Canada Drug Stop Legit?

Though there is a lot of mistrust that is noticeable online regarding this pharmacy and also a fact that the pharmacy has been listed as a threat, still gives the pharmacy a 73% rating which is quite high.

For the thirteen years, the pharmacy has been in operation, they have never been suspended; many customers have given it a four-star rating which proofs that they still trust the pharmacy.

Buying a prescription drug from the pharmacy will require a valid prescription which is in accordance with the regulations set by the bodies that regulate online pharmacies.

Those who claim that the site is rogue including do not give any valid explanation as to why they have said the pharmacy is rogue. This is again not enough proof that the site is operating illegally.

When it comes to certification, Canada Drug Stop has met all the requirements and has been verified by CIPA and IPABC as well. This means that the pharmacy is by no means short of any requirements either locally or internationally.


Canada Drug Stop is a legitimate pharmacy though the reports from some of the customers who have bought from the pharmacy say otherwise. The pharmacy needs to clean up its members of staff and get rid of those people who are ruining the reputation of the pharmacy. If the failure is in the shipping and dispatching of orders, there should be an over whole in those departments, so that the good reputation of the pharmacy can be restored. Always ensure that you buy from legitimate pharmacies especially when buying online to avoid buying fake drugs. We have provided a list of Top Online Pharmacies where you can choose one among the legitimate pharmacies listed and buy original drugs.

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