EPharmacity: Once Reliable Online Pharmacy Gone

Epharmacity was once a reputable online pharmacy that used to sell drugs online at very reasonable rates. Their main focus was to provide pharmaceutical services including issuing prescriptions without charging a consultation fee and you did not have to book an appointment with the doctor nor did you have to waste your time waiting for a turn to get to a doctor.

The drugs that were being sold at Epharmacity were sourced from licensed pharmaceutical companies which acted as a guarantee that they were of high-quality and would, therefore, work as expected. If any queries arose, either in the process of placing the order or in the course of taking the medications, the customer service staffs were always ready to address them. All you had to do is to make a call and make your request; the pharmacy had a policy of ensuring that all concerns from their customers were addresses within twelve hours after submission. This was a way of winning the trust of their customers and also a way of making many more customers purchase from them.

The pharmacy was also aimed at selling prescription medication at low prices where you could place your order at the comfort of your home and have the drugs delivered to your doorstep in a discreet pack. The pharmacy claimed that they provided a platform where one could research the health complication he was suffering from using their website and have the prescription written and an order shipped immediately after purchasing. The shipping method used by the pharmacy was guaranteed and one only had to wait for the drugs to be shipped within the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately, Epharmacity is no longer in existence and you have to look for an alternative online pharmacy to purchase your drugs from. The pharmacy was closed down in 2006.

How to Order from Epharmacity

It is no longer possible to order from Epharmacity since the online pharmacy is no longer in existence. You can, however, choose to order from other reliable online pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall where you will be guaranteed of receiving high-quality drugs within the shortest possible time. The following is a simplified procedure of placing your orders at the pharmacy:

·        Visit Pharmacy Mall’s website and search for the drugs you wish to purchase. If the drugs are in stock, you will click on them and you will be able to see the cost of the drug in different quantities. It is also possible to view a detailed description of the drugs so that you will be more informed about the drugs usage and other vital information.

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

·         If you are satisfied with the information and wish to proceed with the purchase, you will select the quantity you wish to buy and the dosage and add it to cart. If you are buying more than one drugs, you will repeat the above process until you are able to get all your drugs into the cart.

·         Once through with selecting the drugs, you will press the checkout icon and the billing section will appear. Here you will be expected to provide the details that will be used in paying for the drugs. Ensure that the details are correct as any wrong information will lead to a delay in the shipping of your order which will only be shipped after the payment have been approved.

·         If your bank fails to approve the payment, you will be contacted so that you request them to approve the payment. When this is done, the shipping of the drugs will be made, either through standard main which takes longer or through express mail where the drugs will arrive in less than eight days. The express method of shipping drugs is more expensive than the standard shipping but the delivery is more convenient since you will not have to wait for the drugs for a long time.

Is Epharmacity Legit?

Epharmacity was an online pharmacy that was legitimate and had been approved by the bodies that operated online pharmacies. The pharmacy also followed all the requirements of processing orders where they had to request a prescription before orders for drugs that required prescription were processed. They also followed the guidelines of only dispensing the maximum quantity of drugs required by international health bodies which is a ninety day’s supply of drugs. If you needed more than this quantity, you had to wait until you are able to make a refill order.

The pharmacy also had a valid contact number through which customers could reach them as is required by the regulatory bodies. It has also specified its physical location which is in Gibraltar as the regulations demands.

Some of the drugs that were sold at Epharmacity

Some of the drugs that were sold at Epharmacity

Epharmacity Reviews

No reviews are available from customers who had a chance to shop from the pharmacy and it would be difficult to gauge the quality of the services offered.

The best option is to purchase from a pharmacy where customers have testified of the high-quality services offered there and where the delivery of your drugs is guaranteed. An example of such a pharmacy is Pharmacy Mall where customers have complimented the pharmacy from delivery of effective drugs within the shortest possible time.

You should be careful when buying drugs so that you will not be lured into buying fake drugs from rogue pharmacies or lose your money from sites that are no longer in operation line Ephamacity.


Epharmacity is no longer in operation and it is therefore impossible to buy drugs from them. The pharmacy ceased to exist in 2006 and their domain was deregistered. You have to look for alternative pharmacies which are verified and sell original medication and those that will guarantee the safety of your private details. Such pharmacies include Pharmacy Mall where the safety of your private details is guaranteed and you will also be assured of getting original medication. You can also use our list of Top Online Pharmacies where you can select one among the credible pharmacies listed to buy original medication from.