Foreign Online Pharmacy: Highlights Of Buying Cheaper Pills From Another Country

Technology brings us something new and innovative almost every day, and through it, we can discover ways of doing things that we never did before. Take buying medications, for example. Back in the day, the only way to get these medications was either to get them from your doctor or to go to the drug store with the prescription form and buy it there. Nowadays, however, you can go online and actually buy your needed drugs from an online pharmacy. Aside from the ones that are based in your country, you could even find online pharmacies based in other parts of the world that could send your drugs to you.

Online pharmacies are basically just like any regular pharmacy or drugstore that you would encounter at the corner of the street. You will need to show off your prescription in order for the pharmacist or the clerk to get you what you need. However, instead of actually physically going there, you can just sit at home, mail them your prescription, and once it’s verified, have the pills mailed straight to you. While it does take longer than a normal pharmacy, you can have it shipped to your door, and ordering is quick and convenient, so you can order in advance.

Foreign Online Pharmacy Reviews

There are several perceived benefits to buying from a foreign online pharmacy. One of them would be that the pills would be a lot cheaper to buy. This is because there are many countries out there that can produce a large number of pills, especially generic ones, at a low budget cost compared to Western countries. Another thing is that some drugs from other countries may not be found in your home country. Yet another reason would be that, for many countries, some pills do not need a prescription, so it can be easier to get them without consultation.

NABP Services and Programs

NABP Services and Programs

However, there is also strong critique against foreign pharmacies due to the problems they pose, especially for American citizens. First off, in the US, it is actually illegal to import medications that have been bought from overseas. It is quite risky to be caught red-handed taking medications into the country, which equate to a heavy fine and penalization. Aside from that, if the drug does not come from their own country, it could very well mean that the pill has not gained approval from a regulatory body like the FDA, which makes sure that all substances taken are safe. These pills could be potentially dangerous when taken by an unsuspecting victim.

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

The best way to combat this would be to find a reliable online vendor in your own country that can cater to your needs. However, if you insist on getting a product from another place in the world. There are a few ways to make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy business. One of these is to find a website that verifies these businesses and can tell you whether one has already been approved as a legal vendor or not. Examples of these would be the NABP for the US and the CIPA for Canadian pharmacies, as well as a host of other review sites and forums that help anyone who needs questions answered when it comes to online pharmacies.

Foreign Online Pharmacy Website

Canadian pharmacies are well-known for being popular online pharmacies, and they also make up the bulk or majority of online pharmacies. Sadly, it’s not practical to trust everything you see online, as there are plenty of people who are stamping a Canadian flag onto their logo to let people think they are a legitimate Canadian website.

eDrugSearch Homepage

eDrugSearch Homepage

No matter what country the website is from, the only way it can be a valid vendor is if it has legitimate health care employees, a reliable system to protect the information and interests of its customers, and a physical location from which the products are being shipped. If you can pick out a website and figure out whether they have these criteria down, you can start looking at their reputation with their past customers. Go ahead and start looking for one of our top recommendations of online pharmacies here.

Best Foreign Online Pharmacy

There’s really no way to determine the best online pharmacy, especially if you’re not originally familiar with the country and the way they deal with their medications. It can be easy to see the small prices and be drawn in, but as was stated previously, there are a lot of things to consider when you choose to buy online, and from another country, too. The way to find the best pharmacy would be to go through lists of ones that have already been approved and to find the vendor that appeals to your needs the most.


Foreign online pharmacies provide us with a solution to many of the concerns that come with having to buy medications, such as being able to get them at cheap prices and being able to access medications available in other places but not in your own country. They provide us with an opportunity to make our lives better through a treatment that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. However, they also add up to more concerns, such as the fact that we cannot be sure where the drugs are coming from or if they are safe with 100% certainty. There is also the legal issue of bringing in medications from another country. However, if you make sure that you find out the safety of the medications you’re buying and the legitimacy of the vendor you’re buying from, you would be able to help yourself make the right decisions. There may be no perfect online pharmacy out there, but you can certainly find one that will make sure to look after you if you search for it with websites like the NABP. If you want a few suggestions, head on over to this list of top pharmacies we’ve compiled here.