How To Know And Cure Hypertension

Hypertension sometime also referred as high blood pressure is a type of chronic condition that causes the high blood pressure in the arteries of the person. In some patients it is found that the blood pressure continuously increases for them. It is also referred as a silent killer disease which is because of the facts that often it does not show any symptoms for years even sometime for decades. Finally when it damages to some of the organ of the body then the symptoms are usually visible to the patients. There are several effects that can be done by a poorly and less controlled hypertension disease. Damage of the nerves (blood vessels) of eyes, heart muscle thickening, artery hardening, heart attacks, strokes and the kidney failures are the major complications related to it.

Some of the medication of hypertension can be given to patients in combination with other drugs and some can be given alone only. The main goal of the medication given for the hypertension is to reduce / decrease the blood pressure of the blood vessels. Sometime the anti-hypertension drugs are also given to the patients showing similar symptoms and to cure the diabetes to them. Medical advice compliance, exercise and diet adjustment as per the advice of doctors is also very necessary in the treatment method of the hypertension. The factors like smoking, coffee or alcohol intake, lack of exercise, obesity and excessive salt intake are the other symptoms that can cause severe ill-effect on the hypertension.

Factors causing hypertension

It is defined in two basic types called primary and secondary hypertension. In almost as much as 95 % of cases there is primary hypertension through which the patients are affected through.

Reasons for this essential (primary) hypertension can be a combination of factors. The secondary hypertension is caused due to the abnormality in one or other organ of the body of the person suffering.

The prevalence of essential / primary hypertension is high in those societies that take high salt intake which usually exceeds more than 5.8 grams per day. American African background, hereditary, obesity, advanced age and kidney failure when combined with the high salt intake then causes a greater risk of hypertension.

In the development of any sort of hypertension the genetic factors are supposed to play a prominent role of them. Still research is going to identify the special genes which are hypertension sensitive. The artery abnormality is another factor that can cause hypertension most of the people. It is called the lack of elasticity / stiffness in nerves.