Maple Mountain Pharmacy: A Local Store with Awesome Services

Maple Mountain Pharmacy is a drugstore that is located in Mapleton Utah in the united states. Although this store has a presence online, it’s main focus is in serving the people who reside in Utah and its surroundings. The locally owned community pharmacy claim that they offer individualized care to all their patients. They utilize the latest technology to ensure that the medications are ready on time and safely coordinated. The store does not only dispense drugs. They offer their customers a chance to enjoy a gift shop and an ice cream parlor.

The pharmacy’s operating hours are between 9 am to 7 am on weekdays, that is, Monday to Friday. On Saturday, they open at 9 am and close at 4 pm. They don’t open the pharmacy on Sundays. Maple Mountain Pharmacy boasts of having a system known as the EzRx system which they utilize in the packaging of the patient’s drugs. This ensures that the patient does not forget to take his or her drugs. The system focuses on packaging the meds by time and date.

Their MEDSYNC system ensures that the ongoing prescriptions are coordinated and always ready for the patient to pick them each month. Their website offers patients a chance to refill their medications online. They also specialize in custom-compounded medications. The pharmacy accepts a variety of insurance plans. They also offer specialty meds. The services that they offer include blood pressure tracking and photo services.

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Phone Number

Contacting Maple Mountain Pharmacy is easy. They have a contact page that includes all their contact details. This page has a map that can direct anyone who would like to pay them a visit. Here is the Maple Mountain Pharmacy contact page:

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Contact Page

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Contact Page

They indicate their location as 724 S 1600 W Mapleton, UT 84664. Their phone number is +1 801-515-6048. Their gift shop customer fax is 801-515-6162. Their prescriber or pharmacy fax is 855-816-5510. Their email address is [email protected] By using any one of these contact details, you will have the ability to reach this pharmacy.

It is important to note that not unless you are from Utah or its surroundings, you will not receive much help from the store even after contacting them. This is because the store does not ship their meds internationally. If you are looking for a place to get your meds from for the cheapest prices, you will be better off using the pharmacies that we have outlined in a catalog. These stores serve international customers. They are much cheaper than local stores.

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Gift Shop

This pharmacy has a gift shop from which people can get gifts. The gifts included in this section include candy, gift baskets, MTC packages, salt city candles, willow tree collection and more. The following is the gift shop with some of the gifts available for sale:

Maple Mountain Gift Shop

Maple Mountain Gift Shop

The first gift available costs only 5 dollars. It is a 5-inch rainbow sucker. They had an evergreen candle that cost 25 dollars. They had a happy birthday basket. Their Pina Colada Melter Tiles and brick gift will cost you $22.95. They had more gifts in this gift section all of which had varying prices.

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Reviews

According to the information that was available on Maple Mountain Pharmacy website, they claimed that they offer the best services. We decided to find out whether this was the truth. The best way to do this was through checking for their reviews from people who they had already served. We were able to get various reviews. The majority of these reviews were positive. This gave a positive impression regarding this drugstore. Here are some of Maple Mountain Pharmacy reviews:

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Reviews (soruce: https://web

Maple Mountain Pharmacy Reviews

Lana Root Dunn says that it is very quick to get your prescription refilled at Maple Mountain Pharmacy. She has rated the store 5 stars. This means that she was satisfied by the experience that she had. She says that their tech and staff are very knowledgeable. She says that the ice cream is not that bad either.

Suzzane Tomlinson Storer was impressed by the gift shop available at Maple Mountain Pharmacy. She says that it has fun items for your home and gift galore. It is a place for her and her friends to visit on a girls date. She usually pops in for a last minute gift. She reports that the pharmacy is also great.

Sheri Johnson calls Maple Mountain Pharmacy the state of the art pharmacy. It has a nice location, great service, and great atmosphere. The prices are competitive and it offers great local delivery for free. They have yummy ice cream too. She says that you feel like family and not like just a number.

Jeanmarie Snow Andersen says that Maple Mountain Pharmacy is the best pharmacy. They have the best staff. The store according to Andersen is very personalized and completely caring. They go out of their way for their customer. Suzee Anderson says that the pharmacists at Maple Mountain Pharmacy are caring and compassionate.

From the above reviews, it is clear that Maple Mountain Pharmacy is a great pharmacy. All the reviewers have rated it 5 stars. The problem is that you will only get to receive these services if you are in Utah. But, there are still great online stores. You will be able to find 5-star online stores in our catalog.


Maple Mountain Pharmacy is a pharmacy that is located in the united states and largely focuses on serving the people who live in Utah. They will only offer local deliveries. This means that if you are not in Utah, you will not receive their services which appear to be great based on the reviews above. But, you can still get great services from online stores. We have the most extensive list of online drug vendors who ensure that their customers are happy by delivering the best drugs and services. This list will save you more money than the local stores which sell drugs at a higher price.