NPS Online Pharmacy – Effectively Made Healthcare Solutions Affordable

NPS stands for the National Pharmaceutical Services, a fully integrated pharmacy benefit manager whose online services are used by major health insurance companies such as Medicare and Medicaid. The services provided by NPS is also being utilized by group and commercial health, health insurance exchanges, and by various worker’s compensation programs. What NPS does is it puts together a client-oriented approach with a processing system related to proprietary claims to help every beneficiary of the healthcare system manage the costs of prescription medicines. NPS is the effective system that’s used by health insurances to guarantee the appropriate health care for their members nationwide.

The National Pharmaceutical Services is a system that’s only used in the United States and nowhere else as other countries have their own system or structure for providing benefits to their members. Nonetheless, NPS itself is a unique and efficient system that helps its clients by delivering effective and reliable prescription benefit plans. For its members, NPS provides prescription care that results to optimal health outcomes. As a pharmacy benefit manager, NPS is also a great help to pharmacy providers through its solutions that build the customer’s trust and satisfaction. It also helps healthcare providers give their patients the most appropriate prescription care.

NPS Pharmacy Benefits

To make it short, what the National Pharmaceutical Services aims to do is to make the people’s lives more convenient by providing affordable and flexible solutions to its pharmacy benefit partners. NPS is the system behind the benefits program of the healthcare providers, making the benefits received by the beneficiaries tailored to their needs but affordable and flexible at the same time.

NPS Figures

NPS Figures

After being established in 1993, it has already served millions of people nationwide with the benefits solutions that it provides. NPS has over 65,000 network pharmacies and they include online pharmacies as well. These pharmacies are NPS’ partner pharmacies that provide the people with medicines that are included in their health insurance coverages.

The beneficiaries of the health insurances themselves can access and use NPS’ online system tools. All the users whose healthcare providers are using NPS can simply register online at NPS’s website. Once they’re able to register and log in, tools are available inside the domain of NPS that the members can use to monitor their prescription plan, prescription history, drug pricing, and more. It’s all about organizing and optimizing their pharmacy benefits and with the use of NPS, members will be able to get the most out of their healthcare plans.

SPN Online Pharmacy

SPN Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that went online back in 2014 but its domain right now is no longer active. The site is no longer accessible and what’s troubling about it is that there are reports of fraud related to it. For some reasons during those times when it was still an active website, it operated as a fraudulent site and managed to scam a number of customers. It’s a good thing that the site is no longer active which is one less threat to customers who are shopping their meds online.

There are actually ways to avoid fake pharmacies and the most important one is being cautious. Buyers shouldn’t just purchase immediately when they land into a seemingly decent pharmacy site but should always do some background checks first before making any orders. One of the easiest way to determine if an online pharmacy is fraud or legitimate is to use the free services offered by pharmacy checking websites. These sites only need the domain name of the online pharmacy that the customer is currently in and it should be run on its site. It will only take a few seconds for the fraud-checking site to yield the results which will conclude if the site is rogue or safe. These sites are reliable and buyers should always use them before making online purchases of medicines.

To avoid suspicious pharmacies like SPN Online Pharmacy, buyers should always look for the padlock icon and the HTTPS before a pharmacy website’s domain name. This a certain characteristic of a genuine pharmacy that’s easiest to spot but many customers tend to miss it. The padlock icon is the proof that the website is secure and that it has been verified by the internet as safe.

HTTPS Secure

HTTPS Secure

The HTTPS before the site’s domain name means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which is another proof that it is safe and it uses SSL certificates to encrypt all the data that are being sent by the customers. This encryption is very important as it prevents the information from being intercepted by outside sources. Buyers should stay away from online pharmacies that only use HTTP and does not have the padlock icon. It’s a sign that the site is not safe and should be avoided.

HMO Pharmacy

What HMO means is Health Maintenance Organization and these organizations are companies that provide health benefits to its members on a prepaid basis. HMOs are usually healthcare providers themselves and tie up with companies to provide their employees and their personnel with health coverage provided that they will be paying a monthly premium which is usually deducted through salary. Most of the time, the benefits that the HMO offers are the most basic health coverage so that they won’t be heavy to the member’s pockets. HMOs also have partner pharmacies that provide their member’s medical needs and the bills will simply be covered by their HMO membership.

A person can still be enrolled under a certain HMO’s coverage even if they already have health insurance. The health coverage and benefits provided by an HMO is separate from their main health insurance and while the other is active, the coverage from the HMO will also be in effect.


The system that the National Pharmaceutical Services have integrated into the healthcare institutions have helped millions of members as it has effectively made healthcare solutions affordable and flexible for the sake of the people that are paying them. This system also took care of the prescription meds needed by the customers by making it less costly with the help of its partner pharmacies both local and online. For reliable online drugstores that the customers can visit, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.