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Online RX is a reliable online pharmacy that has been in existence since 1997 which is committed to sale and distribution of high-quality medication globally. The pharmacy has partnered with major drug manufacturers to ensure that their customers are able to access the most effective medication and the cheapest possible prices. Every medication sold at Online RX has been approved by the health regulatory bodies to ensure that they will not harm the patients taking them.

Online RX has categorized their drugs in twenty-seven categories which have been alphabetically arranged. This will ensure that any customer who logs into their website will be able to easily locate the drugs he wishes to purchase. Once you log into Online RX website, you will be able to see that prices of every pill which makes it possible for those who do not have time to conduct searches view the drug and the prices immediately and make quick purchases.

Online RX sells both over-the-counter and prescription drugs; for over the counter drugs, you will simply click on the drug you wish to buy and add it to your cart. For prescription-only drugs, you not will be required to have a valid prescription from a medical doctor before you make the purchase. You, however, need to be careful that you get examined before you can buy the drugs as some of them can result in adverse reactions if taken wrongly.

Online Rx Reviews

Customers who have transacted with this pharmacy have testified of the great services offered at the pharmacy. Simona from the USA is one of these customers and he says that the delivery of the order was timely and the drugs were in good condition. Kaiman from the United Kingdom says that the process of placing orders is simplified and the staff ensures that the orders are processed fast. Samuel from Irish France says that he has bought drugs from Online RX for several years and he is pleased with the services offered. He also says that the pharmacy keeps him up to date with the shipping progress until he receives the drugs.

Form the reviews above, it is evident that the services offered at the pharmacy are legitimate and the customers are full of appreciation. The site has also been encrypted to ensure that no third party will be able to access the details given to the pharmacy which is a great way of ensuring that the information is safe. The pharmacy also keeps the communication line open to ensure that no customer is left stranded or confused about any service offered at the pharmacy. They have an active phone number through which one can contact a licensed pharmacist who will offer advice and clarification regarding the drugs sold at the pharmacy and also advice on health-related complications. Below are some of the reviews from customers who have bought from Online RX:

Online RX Customer Reviews

Online RX Customer Reviews

How to Order from

Placing an order with is a simple process where you will only be required to log in to the website, and search for the drug you wish to buy.

If the product is in stock, you will click on it and specify the dosage and quantity of the drug you wish to buy and add it to your cart.

You will then press the checkout icon and the billing section will be opened where you will fill in the details of the payment method you wish to use, and the shipping details as well. Ensure that the details are correct as giving wrong details will only lead to a delay in the processing of the order.

If your bank approves the payment, the pharmacy will send you an email to that effect and your order will be shipped either through express mail or through standard shipping. If in the course of transportation the drugs are damaged, you should consult the pharmacy so that the drugs can either be replaced or you receive a refund as a compensation for the loss. Discounts offers free shipping on all orders above $200 which is a great way of reducing the total cost of the drugs purchased. You will also get free pills with every order made at the pharmacy which also amounts to good savings

The pharmacy also sells the drugs at discounted prices compared to the prices of similar drugs in other online pharmacies or local pharmacies. At the moment the pharmacy is offering a special offer for every customer who will buy both Viagra and Cialis pills.

Online rx

Online 10 % Discount and Free Pills Offer

To be able to pay less for drugs at, you will have to buy a higher quantity as discounts increase with the higher number of drugs bought.

Is Online Legit?

Online has met all the requirements of operation that have been set by all regulatory bodies including CIPA, MIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and FDA. You can, therefore, trust the quality of the drugs bought at the pharmacy and be assured that they will work as good as the drugs bought at local pharmacies.

The legitimacy of the pharmacy is also shown by their ability to deliver original medications to all their customers. None of the customers has complained that the drugs bought from the pharmacy failed to work as they should.

Online does not require a prescription to buy any drug from them; you should, therefore, take the responsibility to purchase only drugs that your doctor has certified safe for you. This will ensure that the guides you on the right dose and the frequency of taking the drugs. You will also have a shoulder to lean on in case a negative reaction occurs.


Online is a reliable pharmacy that has simplified the process of purchasing drugs online. All you have to do is to log into their website and select the drugs you wish to buy, add them to your cart and once the payment process is approved, your drugs will be delivered in the shortest possible time. Always be on the lookout when buying drugs online so that you will not be lured into buying fake drugs from rogue pharmacies. You can refer to our list of Top Online Pharmacies to help you in identifying credible online pharmacies to buy drugs from.