Safe Canadian Pharmacies: Which Canadian Pharmacies Are Legitimate?

Ever made a med purchase online or you are contemplating doing so? It is not a bad idea, considering the convenience involved. But you have got to take caution while purchasing online to protect yourself and your family. This is because while it is convenient to make the purchase of meds online, it could also be dangerous as there are many illicit pharmacies online. Though there are top-notch pharmacies that are widely known for selling original drugs there are also several pharmacies that sell counterfeit drugs to customers. These counterfeit drugs may contain a low amount of the active ingredient needed to treat your health challenge and it may also contain more than the quantity of active ingredient required. In any case, counterfeit drugs are dangerous and you must take all measures to make sure that you do not fall prey to the purchase of counterfeit drugs. One of the online options that many patients take, especially patients in the US is to purchase their drugs from Canadian online pharmacies because their prices are very low in comparison to the prices in the US. While Canadian pharmacies are safe, there are illicit Canadian pharmacies that are unsafe. These pharmacies may not even be located in Canada; they just display the Canadian flag and hide under the good reputation of Canadian pharmacies. So, if you desire to order your drugs from a Canadian online pharmacy, it is important that you know what measures to take that would enable you to know which Canadian pharmacy to trust. You would find everything you need to identify a trustable Canadian pharmacy in this article. So, why don’t you read up?

Safe to Use Canadian Pharmacies

Before we talk about how to identify a trustable Canadian pharmacy, it is important to address if it is safe to use Canadian pharmacies in the first place. From our experience, it is safe to use Canadian pharmacies. This is because the pharmacies are monitored by the authorities to ensure they engage in safe pharmaceutical practices. And any pharmacy that does not engage in such practices is reported and flagged as illegitimate. Which is why you have to learn how to ascertain which of the Canadian pharmacies are legitimate and are not involved in Pharmaceutical safe practices. For several years, tens of thousands of Patients from the US have made purchases from Canada without having any complaints whatsoever about quality or bad customer experience. However, these patients made their purchases from certified Canadian pharmacies. Hence, to ensure your safety, you have to use certified Canadian pharmacies.

Online Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian pharmacies have grown in popularity for their cheap prices and their high quality. Which both stems from government regulations. Furthermore, in case you are ordering outside Canada; to ensure the safe delivery of your med package and avoid your package being seized by the customs officials you have to make sure you order is not beyond 90 pills. Anything beyond this would attract the attention of the authorities as it would it imply that it is not for personal use. You also have to make sure you do not order narcotics as this would also draw the attention of the authorities. And your order would be seized. Other than these, it is safe to use Canadian pharmacies.

Safe Canadian Pharmacies to Order From

Now that you know that it is safe to use Canadian pharmacies, how do you know which Canadian pharmacy is safe? Well, there are several tips and measures that would help you in this regard, because there are practices common to certified Canadian pharmacies. The same goes for unsafe pharmacies. Let’s go through the tips real quick

•    A safe or certified Canadian Pharmacy would bear the Certified International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site (VIPPS) seals on its website. This is because it signifies that the pharmacy has met the licensing requirement and thus it is safe to use.

•    A safe Canadian pharmacy would ask you for a valid doctor’s prescription before selling a prescription drug to you. Under no circumstance would a certified Canadian pharmacy sell a prescription drug to you without a doctor’s prescription.

•    A safe Canadian pharmacy would be located in Canada with a verifiable street address. Otherwise, it is unsafe and hiding under the canopy of the reputation of Canadian pharmacies

•    A safe Canadian pharmacy would have a licensed pharmacist that customers have access to in the event of inquisitions.

•    A safe Canadian pharmacy would not be on the list of not recommended websites compiled by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

CIPA Licensing

CIPA Licensing

To ascertain that a Canadian pharmacy is safe, it must check all the items on this list. Otherwise, the pharmacy cannot be trusted and you should avoid making the purchase of your med from such pharmacy in order to ensure your safety.

How to Find Safe Canadian Pharmacies

Now that you know how to identify a safe Canadian pharmacy, it is necessary to learn how to find a safe Canadian pharmacy. But before then, we would like to share with you real quick some of the practices of unsafe Canadian pharmacies. Like we rightly stated before under the previous subheading, that unsafe pharmacies also have practices common to them. Check out the practices below

•    They often send spam emails offering ridiculously low prices.

•    They sell their drugs at prices that are absolutely too good to be true.

•    Their drugs have too much or too low measure of the active ingredient.

•    They ship out drugs that contain harmful ingredients and the wrong active ingredients.

The best and easiest way to find Canadian pharmacies that would not ship out harmful drugs is to check the VIPPS website for the list of legitimate Canadian pharmacies or simply heck our top list of recommended pharmacies.


It is not enough to go online and order from an online pharmacy. It is absolutely compulsory to make sure the pharmacy is safe and legitimate. This would help ensure your safety and that of your family. Follow the tips above and you would be able to ascertain which Canadian pharmacies are legitimate. Please, we implore you to beware of the numerous scammers online and you also check our top list of recommended pharmacies.