Samrx Review: One of the Oldest Online Drugstore

Samrx is one of the oldest online drugstores. Samrx began its operation in 2003. This pharmacy is operational until today. Samrx pharmacy mostly market product which is intended for treating erectile dysfunction. Samrx states all its products are approved by FDA, and that their products are effective and safe for use. Samrx usually market drugs from reputable manufacturers in India such as Kamagra. They brand-name their medications to suit prices affordable by the general public. However, most of their medications do not have technical details on their makers. In regard to their pricing, generic Viagra costs between 0.7$ to 2.5$ each while generic Cialis is sold at 2.00$ to 4.9$ each. The minimum amount of pills that customers can purchase from Samrx pharmacy is 10 tablets. However, buyers with huge purchase can save dearly in terms of cost as Samrx offers huge discounts for clients with larger purchases. Samrx pharmacy gives its routine/older clients 10 percent discount on every purchase. Samrx offers a variety of drugs raging from ED drugs, weight loss drugs, hair loss drugs and drugs used for other health conditions.

Samrx pharmacy guarantees their customers refund of money in case of delivery of expired products. When a customer receives expired product he or she is supposed to email the company or call them through the number provided on their site banner. Samrx also offer free shipping on goods which are above 100 dollars in cost, however the client is required to pay $18 for the regular which takes up to three weeks of delivery time or 25$ for the EMS which is a more faster method of delivery, it requires less than one week of waiting time. The online drugstore offers outstanding products through great services at the lowest possible prices all in a bid to ensure that the buyer is hundred percent contented. In addition, the delivery of each and every product available on the site is carried out in a method that is satisfactory and timely.

Samrx Reviews

Samrx Reviews show that this pharmacy provides excellent services to their clients. The fact that this pharmacy has operated for over ten years is a clear indication that their services are satisfying to the customers.



David Smith from United State is very happy with the services offered by Samrx Pharmacy. He says that Samrx offered him all the guarantees they had promised. Moreover, David received his purchase earlier that he expected them. David notes that he received his order in healthier package hence he is totally satisfied with the services offered by Samrx pharmacy.

https://wwwMichael from the USA expresses his gratitude to Samrx Pharmacy. Michael mentions that he received Silagra at an affordable price. This drug was quite effective in that it was able to treat the problem of impotence in Michael and henceforth he was able to enjoy sex.

Similar to Michael, Adams Wallace from the United Kingdom thanks Samrx pharmacy for proving him with drugs that improve his self-esteem by helping him to regain his sex life.

Collins says that he has been buying drugs from Samrx Pharmacy for a long time. Collin state that what attracts and keep him in Samrx pharmacy is the fact that this business delivers product to their customers within a shorter time than expected.

Another customer (Jackson King) was skeptical to buy from Samrx Pharmacy. He ordered his goods and received them within stipulated time and in good condition. This cleared the doubts he had about Samrx pharmacy

Wilson was suffering from impotence. He launched his search for Kamagra jelly. Wilson found this drug on Samrx e-pharmacy. He ordered the drug immediately and to his amazement, he was able to receive the drug before the expected time.

Although some customers complained about some gaps in customer services.

SamRX Complaint

SamRX Complaint

Jason Green complains that Samrx pharmacy does not offer hundred percent excellent services as promote on their website. Samrx pharmacy employees are not able to speak good English. Therefore, their customer services are poor, especially communication.

Samrx Viagra and Discount Coupon

For a period of more than one 10 years, Samrx has been offering all kind of drugs related to men’s health. Due to nature of meds sold in Samrx pharmacy, the patient must produce a prescription from qualified doctors for them to buy drugs from This pharmacy only sells drugs to persons who have attained 21 years.

Samrx pharmacy offers ten percent discount on all re-orders. In addition, they give ten percent to customers who use echeck. For example, a new customer will buy ten pills of viagra, 100mg at $25 which is equivalent to $2.5 per pill. While a regular customer will buy the same viagra at $23 which is equivalent to 2.3$ per pill hence saving 10%.

Generic Viagra Samrx Price

Generic Viagra Samrx Price

Samrx pharmacy also gives ten free pills to customers who buy fifty pills and above. Besides, they give an extra offer for bulk orders. For example, when you buy between fifty to sixty pills. A new customer will buy at $0.92 per pill, while an old customer will purchase at $0.83 per pill.

Samrx Discount offers

Samrx Discount offers

Samrx pharmacy offers free shipping for orders above one hundred dollars for the regular option and above two hundred and fifty dollars for the express delivery. Samrx also guarantees customer of delivery. This means, if wrong or expired goods are delivered, Samrx pharmacy is bound to reship the goods. Besides, the pharmacy gives 10% discount to routine customers.


Samrx reviews show that this pharmacy provides excellent services to their clients but experience occasional gaps in customer services. Samrx pharmacy offers free shipping for orders above one hundred dollars and also guarantees customer of delivery. Samrx pharmacy mostly sells products which are intended for treating erectile dysfunction. It is advisable to search for reliable drugstores before placing an order. Our TOP Recommended Pharmacy List is comprised of vendors approved by customers.