Top Online Pharmacies: What Do You Do To Find A Good Pharmacy

Some of the best ways in which technology has enriched our lives are by making many things around the world more accessible to the people who need them. One of the foremost examples of these is the way that we can communicate with people from around the world, or buy things from online stores that can be sent straight to your address wherever you may be in the world. If you’ve heard any news about the development of the medications and pharmacy business, you may have heard of the existence of online pharmacies, from where you can order drugs.

Online pharmacies have been around for about two decades, and have been flourishing ever since. You can find many of them based in different places around the world, but most prominently in Canada. This is because Canadian pharmacies have been attributed to having much lower prices compared to their counterparts being sold in places like the US market. Online pharmacies allow you to send your prescription form to the pharmacists on the site and get the order of your prescription as long as they have the product sold. These places are also known for having cheaper prices than you would find at an actual drug store. So how do you know which are the best online pharmacies today?

Sadly, there isn’t one huge universal list that will tell you which online pharmacies rank above the rest. There aren’t even many opinion-based websites that will do so, just because of the sheer number and diversity of the pharmacies online right now. There are plenty of drug stores that have decided to go digital and are selling their products online, such as Walgreens and the like, so these can be a good place to start looking since they’ve already got a good reputation.

Top Online Pharmacies USA

On the US side of things, online pharmacies can be a very beneficial way of getting the medications they need, especially when they have to take their pills every day. The US has been known as a country of great wealth, but the healthcare system is known for being notoriously high-priced. Without insurance to cover you, many people would be able to pay their hospital bills properly or be able to buy medications without having financial trouble. Buying online for them means that the prices are lower, especially when the drugs are being sold at wholesale prices.

One of the Top Online Pharmacies in the USA

One of the Top Online Pharmacies in the USA

While there isn’t anything wrong outright with an online pharmacy, there are sadly a large number of them that are fake. They will either pretend to sell a product, only for customers to find out too late that they’ve ordered a counterfeit or they never get their product in the mail at all. A few organizations like the NABP have made it their mission to help consumers by verifying the various websites frequented by Americans, and they’ve even established a list of perfectly safe and legal pharmacies while also making an extensive list of ones that are suspicious. They won’t tell you whether the approved pharmacies are the top ones, but it’ll certainly give you an idea of where to start.

Top Online Pharmacies UK

Just like the US, the UK has also begun getting a surge of online pharmacies that are based in the country. The UK has done a good job in securing the legal status of pharmacies operating online by giving them a seal from the General Pharmaceutical Council that can be displayed on their websites. Clicking this seal on any legitimate UK website will bring you to the page that shows that the pharmacy has been registered.

Pharmacy 2 U Homepage

Pharmacy 2 U Homepage

One pharmacy, called Pharmacy 2U, is a perfect example of a registered and reliable online pharmacy. If you want to get a better idea of which UK pharmacies to patronize, you may need to ask forums discussing these, or try them out for yourself. However, one of the only downsides to UK pharmacies is that they have the tendency to ship only to places in the UK, so anyone who wanted to avail of their services but lives outside of the country is out of luck.

Top Online Pharmacies In India

Indian online pharmacies are quite popular around the world, but they are also known for some controversy. For one, India is one of the most prominent producers of medications in the world right now, especially for cheap generic alternatives to chain pharmacies branded options. There are many times when a generic can be as good as or even better than the brand, however, there is a large risk of illegal vendors making fake pills and selling them out to customers.

Practo Homepage

Practo Homepage

Indian products are some of the best substitutes for expensive medications, but since there aren’t under the jurisdiction of Western laws and health organizations, it can be a bit more difficult to find places that you can trust. For that, you can check a site and review their policies and the feedback that other people have given it to make your own conclusion.


Due to a large number of online pharmacies, many people have a large pool of choices for places to buy and order medications from. However, since it is difficult to strictly control online pharmacies, there are many that are not trustworthy in terms of products and service. Finding a top online pharmacy will require you first to look for ones that are legal and safe to use, and for vendors based in the West, there are organizations like the GPC and the NABP that could lead you in the right direction. You can also find suggestions from online users across the internet by searching for forums and discussions on online pharmacies that have already been reviewed or used by real people. You should have the right balance of price and security when choosing an online pharmacy. Luckily, we have a list of top recommendations ready for you here.