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Alldaychemist is an online pharmacy that specializes in the sale of generic drugs to people suffering from various complications all over the world. The drugs are sourced from trusted manufacturers like Cipla, Pfizer, and GSK, among other major generic and brand manufacturers. This means that you do not have to worry about the quality of the medications sold at the pharmacy as these drugs have been approved by the health bodies that ensure that the drugs that enter into the market will effectively treat the complications for which they are prescribed.

The pharmacy is run by a licensed pharmacist who is responsible for processing customers’ orders and attending to their concerns whenever an issue arises. He will ensure that only the prescribed drugs are dispensed and will also offer advice on the best way to take the medications. There is a contact number at the pharmacy’s website through which you can reach the pharmacist.

The prices of the drugs sold at the pharmacy are quite affordable and this has enabled those who cannot afford insurance covers to pay for their drugs with ease. Drugs that are difficult to find in local pharmacies can easily be found in Alldaychemist as they buy their drugs from different manufacturers all over the world. These drug manufacturers will offer huge discounts which will be passed on to the customers in form of discounts.

All Day Chemist has put measures in place to ensure that the private details that have been submitted by customers when paying for the drugs are protected from third parties. You, therefore, do not have a reason to be afraid that the details will be accessed by cybercriminals. The pharmacy has not been verified by the bodies that regulate online pharmacies which is a cause for worry. However, the reviews from customers who buy drugs from them are positive which proves that they can be trusted despite the fact that there is no proof of verification.

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All Day Chemist Coupon Code

Alldaychemist offers huge discounts as a way of encouraging customers to continue shopping from them. For every erectile dysfunction 100mg bought at the pharmacy, a customer will get another pill absolutely free. This will mean that the more pills bought, the higher the discount that one will get. There is also a discount coupon that will enable any customer who buys Ceebis 20mg pills will get an equivalent number of pills absolutely free.

Customers who buy drugs worth over $100 and pays for them by Echeck will get a $10 discount. This is a way of encouraging people to pay for their medications by Echeck instead of credit cards. If a customer buys drugs worth over $150, she will have the drugs delivered without paying for the shipping. Such customers will save a lot on the cost of medication as he will not just have saved the time he would have wasted going to a local pharmacy, but also the transport expenditure.

Below is a screenshot of the discount coupons offered at All Day Chemists:

Photo of Alldaychemist discount coupons

Photo of Alldaychemist discount coupons

All Day Chemist Reviews

Customers who have bought drugs from Alldaychemist have testified of the reliability of the pharmacy since all their orders are delivered within the specified time. Sharon is one of the customers and she says that she had a great experience with the pharmacy. Her only concern is the long duration that the drugs take to be delivered and wishes that the pharmacy could improve on this. Another customer by the name Milton says that he has been buying from the pharmacy for the past ten years and he has never had a problem when transacting with them. He recommends the pharmacy to anyone who wished to buy drugs.

A Arthur has been purchasing drugs from the pharmacy for more than fifteen years and he finds them very reliable. He also says that the prices of the medications are reasonable and the drugs work well in the relief of various complications. He will continue buying drugs from the pharmacy so that he can continue enjoying their services. According to these reviews, Alldaychemist can be trusted to deliver the drugs in accordance with the order placed. The drugs are effective in the treatment of various complications and one does not have to pay a lot for the drugs.

Below are reviews from customers who have used the services of Alldaychemists:

Alldaychemist customer reviews

Alldaychemist customer reviews

Alldaychemist Canada Price

The prices of drugs at the pharmacy are very low compared to the prices of the same drugs in local pharmacies. This is because most of the drugs are generic which will cost only a fraction of the price of rand medications.

The low price of the medications can also be attributed to the huge discounts that are passed on to the pharmacy by drug manufacturers. The discount will then be passed to the customers who buy these drugs, making the price very low.

Unlike local pharmacies that have a lot of overhead costs in the day to day running of the pharmacies, Alldaychemist does not incur a lot of expenditure. This will enable them to sell the drugs at low prices and still make huge profits.

Online pharmacies are always competing for customers and will do anything to make sure that any customer who buys from them keeps coming back for more and also ensure that they attract many more customers. Due to this, Alldaychemist will sell the drugs at low prices to maintain and also attract more customers.


Alldaychemist is an online pharmacy that has not been verified by the bodies that regulate how online pharmacies operate. Despite all this, it has a lot of verified positive reviews from customers who have been purchasing drugs from them. This means that the pharmacy can be trusted to deliver high-quality medications at low prices. You should always be careful when buying drugs from online pharmacies and keep away from suspicious sites that have not been verified and have negative reviews. If you need assistance in selecting a trusted online pharmacy to buy drugs from, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies.