Canadaprescriptionsplus – Almost Impressive but with Mixed Buyer Reviews

Canadian pharmacies like Canada Prescriptions Plus is one of the popular web drugstores used by buyers intending to maximize their savings whenever spending for their medicines.

Customers are allured by the thought of saving hundreds to thousands of dollars for their medicines whenever using online drugstores instead of their local pharmacies. No one can blame them, though—buyers are tired of spending most of their fortune funding impossibly priced medicines and would definitely want a break from spending lavishly for their medicines. If there are other choices around, then why not—and this is probably why online pharmacies, especially “Canadian” ones are slowly gaining clients all over the world.

Canada Prescriptions Plus: What is this store?

Canada Prescriptions Plus, according to Pharmacy Checker, is a retail online pharmacy store. It is a mail-order pharmacy service where buyers get to remotely order their medicines and wait for their orders to arrive at their doorsteps. Given the “Canada” term on this store, we can assume that the shop is located in Canada—despite the store’s inability to disclose its current position, its Canadian International Pharmacy Association seal of approval confirms that this store is indeed from the maple country.

Canada Prescriptions Plus

Although Canada Prescriptions Plus operates from Canada, it fulfills buyer orders through a network of local drugstores (or at least “drug fulfillment centers”) all around the world including ones in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Mauritius
  • Singapore

This 2004-founded online drugstore processes orders from customers with prescriptions and dispenses the medicines from local drugstores found in the aforementioned countries. Buyers can purchase over 500 kinds of medicines from Canada Prescriptions Plus, including over-the-counter prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, herbal medicines, pet medicines, prescription-only medicines, and even testing supplies.

Customers can shop with confidence at Canada Prescriptions Plus since the store is certified by even the most elusive of organizations like Pharmacy Checker and Canadian International Pharmacy Association. What’s stunning about Canada Prescriptions Plus and these associations is the fact that customers can verify the membership of Canada Prescriptions Plus with these organizations.

The store Canada Prescriptions Plus has a pretty straightforward order process, which means that buyers can order with ease from Canada Prescriptions Plus. Buyers have no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to their purchase quantity, unlike some stores with a fixed number of products consumers can possibly order.

Shipping at Canada Prescriptions Plus costs only $9.95 and the travel of products usually take 7 to 21 business days via Canada Post. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy exclusively serves buyers only from Canada or the United States. Review

In order to confirm if the store Canada Prescriptions Plus was truthful about its claims about being a CIPA or a Pharmacy Checker member, we visited the websites of these two organizations and confirmed Canada Prescriptions Plus’ memberships there. Here are the results of our checks:

Canada Prescriptions Plus Result from CIPA Rx

Canada Prescriptions Plus Result from CIPA Rx

Surprisingly, the store Canada Prescriptions Plus is indeed a member of CIPA Rx. According to the result of the check above, Canada Prescriptions Plus is a verified CIPA Rx member dispensing its products through a licensed ground drugstore and dispensing medicines only to buyers with prescriptions. This is actually noteworthy considering there are only 60 websites certified to bear the CIPA Rx seal.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Result from Pharmacy Checker

Canada Prescriptions Plus Result from Pharmacy Checker

Apart from checking CIPA, we also used Pharmacy Checker to confirm if the details on the store’s website were correct. We discovered that Canada Prescriptions Plus is indeed a member of Pharmacy Checker and is deemed a verified online drugstore as per Pharmacy Checker standards.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Reviews

Canada Prescriptions Plus Reviews

Besides the positive results from associations like CIPA Rx and Pharmacy Checker, we also searched for available customer mentions for the shop Canada Prescriptions Plus. We were able to find a few buyer testimonials for the store from a legitimate review website, as you can see in the image above.

According to “Randyfisc”, who posted his comments for Canada Prescriptions Plus in January 2014, he’s used the store 2 times and was able to receive his order on both occasions. He had a slight problem with his second order—it appears that the shop wasn’t able to process his second order but Canada Prescriptions Plus did not charge his card. He reordered again and he was able to receive his items in 8 to 10 days. He gave Canada Prescriptions Plus 4/5 stars because of the difficult order process.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Complaints

Although Canada Prescriptions Plus had confirmed memberships with CIPA Rx and Pharmacy Checker and some good comments from former buyers, Canada Prescriptions Plus acquired complaints from its customers.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Complaint

Canada Prescriptions Plus Complaint

According to Raguerra, whose review was published January 2015, Canada Prescriptions Plus tried to charge him $10 more than his original order. He also complained about the store being “suddenly” unable to take credit card payments—he was spooked that Canada Prescriptions Plus was asking for a check with “all of [his] bank info”.

Canada Prescriptions Plus Complaint

Canada Prescriptions Plus Complaint

RALPHIE, another user, complained about Canada Prescriptions Plus’ lack of responsiveness. According to him, he placed his order, sent his prescription, and even called 3 times to confirm his order. However, he was never called back and was not corresponded to by the store. He did not push through with his order and mentioned that Canada Prescriptions Plus was not legitimate.

Although some of the Canada Prescriptions Plus comments were critical about the store’s performance, there were not buyer complaints about them being scammed by the store—most were user rants about the store’s difficult order process.


Canada Prescriptions Plus is an impressive Canadian store with verified memberships with the CIPA Rx and Pharmacy Checker. However, this store has mixed reviews about its performance—although some of the buyers were happy with their Canada Prescriptions Plus experience, some also had complaints about the shop.

It seems that buyers can’t recommend this store 100% despite its impressive portfolio, so if you want stores that are absolutely legitimate, try the shops included on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies.