Order Meds Online: Is It Safe?

Convenience is always a thing that most people consider. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather choose a convenient way to achieve a certain task in a more stressful way. There are numerous meds used by numerous people across the globe to treat numerous health challenges. You could get the drugs by walking up to a pharmacy in your neighborhood or by simply flipping up your laptop or phone to go online and get the meds you need from one of the several online pharmacies. If you agree, going online seems to be the more convenient option as you would literally not have to move a muscle to get the med delivered to your doorstep. You would also have the opportunity to surf through several online pharmacies for the best offer. But can you trust online pharmacies to get your meds? What are the measures you could take to ensure your safety? What if you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, could you get one online? These are the issues we are going to be addressing in this article. Sit tight and read on.

Is Ordering Meds Online Safe?

Safety is something that should never be factored out when talking about medications. Especially when buying them online. Peradventure you got the drug from a physical pharmacy, you might be exposed to the risk of getting a counterfeit if the pharmacy is not reputable. The drug would not work and of course and could deteriorate your health drastically causing health issues that were not there in the first place. But when you talk about purchasing meds online, the risk is a whole lot broader because if you purchase your med from an online pharmacy that is not reputable; you might not only be exposed to counterfeit meds, you could also be exposed to data theft, both financial and personal. Your resources could also be wasted as you might get a different med from what you ordered. In our experience, this has happened to a couple of people. Other risks include shipment and customs issues. If you are ordering a drug you have to use frequently and cannot skip a dose. If your order runs into customs issues or your shipment was later than anticipated, you might run out of supply and this could be very bad for you. Now, are we saying it is not good or safe to order your meds online? Of course not! Ordering online more or less your best option if you want the best deals and convenience. It is absolutely safe to buy your drugs from online pharmacies however you have to be careful of what pharmacies you make your orders from. If you order from an online pharmacy that is not reputable you are likely to be exposed to the risks mentioned. So, to ensure your safety your best option would check our top list of recommended pharmacies. On the list, you would find the reputable pharmacies that are absolutely trusted. Ordering from any of the pharmacies on the list is safe, we have made sure of that.

Order Meds Online without Doctor

Now that we have established the fact that it is safe to buy your drugs online and we have told you where to get the pharmacies that you could trust and be safe ordering your meds from. You may wonder that what if you desire to purchase a prescription med. Can you do that without a doctor? Like you know getting a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription is illegal. In fact, any online pharmacy that sells drugs prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription is an indicator that the pharmacy cannot be trusted since it is against the practices of accredited pharmacies. No reputable pharmacy sells a prescription drug without a doctor’s prescription. However, most reputable pharmacies do have licensed medical practitioners that can write you a prescription. What most of them do is to allow you fill out a form on their platform. It captures your health history, whatever drugs you may be using to treat any other health issue, and other information needed to ascertain if the drug would be safe for you to use. From the information you supply, the physician determines if using the drug would be safe for you. If it is, a prescription would be written and your drugs delivered to you. Simple as that! See what the form looks like below

Online Prescription Form

Some online pharmacies also provide their customers with the opportunity to speak to a physician. Don’t ever buy drugs from an online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Order Meds Online from Canada

Ordering meds from Canadian pharmacies have been a trick that many United States patients use to cut costs of the drugs they buy. This is because Canadian drugs are cheaper when compared to the prices of drugs in the United States and several other countries. You also have to be careful of which Canadian online pharmacies you make a purchase from as not all Canadian pharmacies are accredited. Canadian accredited Pharmacies have the CIPA and the VIPPS seal on their website. Check out the images of the seals below.

image1 13CIPA and VIPPS seal Images

CIPA and VIPPS seal Images

Furthermore, ordering from Canada has a little clause. Your order must not exceed a 30-months supply. This implies a maximum of 90 pills. Anything beyond that would attract the attention of the authorities. Another thing that would attract the attention of authorities is narcotics. When you avoid these, you are not going to have an issue ordering from Canada.


Though ordering meds online seems to be a very convenient option and also the option most people go with nowadays, you have to be careful of the online pharmacies you patronize. You also have to beware of scammers since they are rampant on the internet today. If you follow our tips, your safety is guaranteed and you would have no issues ordering online. Do not forget to check our top list of recommended pharmacies as this sums up the safety tips.